What's new in version 18.1?

  1. Added Shopify e-commerce integration
  2. Added Work Order Module
  3. Now support secondary categories for item grid + WooCommerce
  4. Can now Remove Quantity When Suspending for custom sale types (off by default)
  5. Item subtotal before modifiers is now displayed on the receipt
  6. Added filter to suspended sales screen to filter by suspended sale type
  7. Now have a preference on which day the automatic report e-mail sends (Current day or previous day)
  8. Added non-taxable amount to Detailed Sales Report
  9. Improved inventory counting by adding search, column configuration, and minor tweaks
  10. Expenses now have their own categories
  11. Now have the ability to download recent excel exports for items and customers for up to 1 week after exported
  12. Added customer email and phone to reports –> Sales –> Detailed
  13. Added store config option Automatically Sync Offline Sales
  14. Fixed bug in reports –> custom where Item Category filter did not work in all cases
  15. Now storing non_taxable total for each sale for faster calculations
  16. Now show variation name when sales/receiving interface collapsed
  17. Added option for credit card processing to disable amount confirmation
  18. Bulk edit description and long description for items
  19. Added custom fields to reports –> deleted sales
  20. Added Delivered To in recent sales popup
  21. Added employee last name back to the receipt
  22. Fixed a bug where selecting tier after price rule applied didn't remove rule if excluded from tiers
  23. Commission now includes modifiers
  24. Added store config option Show Total On Fulfillment Sheet
  25. Added support for PHP 8
  26. Minor bug fixes & improvements


4/09/21: Changed wording on receipt for non EMV cards for CardConnect
4/08/21: Added total to parts/labor section on work order
4/07/21: Added item custom fields to the detailed sales report
4/07/21: Fixed display issue with item grid where category color didn't show when hide images in the grid were turned on
4/06/21: Fixed bug when unsuspending purchase order with a variation where selling price was not shown as correct
4/05/21: Fixed issues with woo commerce. We now look further back to sync orders (7 days). Also when syncing completed orders only, we use the order completion date as sale date instead of order creation date.
4/01/21: Fixed issue where cost price was shown on items summary report without permission
3/30/21: Fixed issue with e-commerce where delivery fee category could be saved more than once
3/29/21: Fixed issue on some servers where Shopify API headers could NOT be read
3/29/21: Added liter (l) and milliliter (ml) to weight unit
3/29/21: Fixed bug when suspending purchase points sale that caused points to be added before completing
3/26/21: Fixed CardConnect race condition with customer-facing display
3/24/21: Fixed spelling error in the permission templates section
3/24/21: When editing line total error/warning was not given when below cost price
3/24/21: Added Override Signature Text to store config to change the default card statement text
3/23/21: For multi-location setups, we are now displaying the company name on the receipt
3/23/21: Fixed memory leak with excel exports that wouldn't allow for large exports to complete
3/22/21: Fixed issue with where category did not display correctly for expenses reports
3/22/21: Fixed issue with font in PDF generation
3/19/21 + 3/20/21: Fixed issue where exclude from tiers for price rule didn't always work when selecting customer
3/19/21: Now displaying custom fields for work orders on work order receipt and sales receipt
3/19/21: Fixed issue where modal dialogs sometimes did NOT display
3/18/21: Print button on receiving receipt did NOT work
3/18/21: Fixed excel export but where payment type column sometimes remove currency type
3/18/21: Now display work order id
3/18/21: Fixes bug when receiving variation items with the overwritten selling price
3/18/21: Fixes language translation issues for Shopify
3/17/21: Fixes issues with dark mode for work orders and editing price of part/labor item